Wine List

While enjoying a fine Italian meal, many people like to enjoy a nice refreshing glass of wine.  Some may think of wine as simply a glass of fermented grapes, but wine is so much more than that!  Even if you are not a wine connoisseur, you will not go wrong when selecting a fine wine from our wine list.  The real question is, red or white?  Which will you choose?


White wine has a straw-yellow, yellow-green or yellow-gold coloring.  It is derived from the non-colored pulp of the grapes and is treated in such a way in which to maintain a yellow transparent color for the final product.  White wine tends to feature a light and fruity flavor.


Red wine receives its rich, dark color from dark red and black grapes.  Its coloring can range from intense violet (typical of young wines) to brick red (mature wines) and brown (older wines).  This type of wine receives its richer and more complex color and flavor from the grape skins that are added during the winemaking process.

Villa D’Alessandro has the largest wine list north of Detroit. You can view examples of our wine list below.


Villa D’Alesandros has many events through out the year. Some events include New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day Event, Valentine’s Day Special Menu, Craft Beer Tasting and our ever popular Wines of Tuscany. Our Wines of Tuscany event includes a family style meal with up to four courses and five wines. Several wines are chosen for the high quality of flavor as well as their perfect accompaniment to the dishes they are served with.