event management

Food brings people together regardless if it is served on fine china or on a paper plate.  It stimulates conversation among strangers as well as for family.  People set out to feast at wedding celebrations, during times of mourning, at a celebration, in order to strengthen friendships or strictly to be hospitable.  Fine food is one of life’s great pleasures…


When you host an event, you want your guests’ experience to be unique.  After all, next to the guests, the food is the next most important thing!  The best solution for accomplishing this feat is with a customized menu.  Our catering department at Villa D’Alessandro can create a menu centered around your tastes, themes and budgets.  We can accomplish this while using only foods that are created in our kitchen.  Our unique and savory dishes are created by our kitchen staff and are of the highest quality that will suit every occasion.



After a date has been chosen for your event, you will need to schedule for catering.  During this time you will have questions regarding how to prepare for your event.  Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Our menus are priced either by full meal (per person pricing) or by the pan.
  • We are fully licensed and insured through the State of Michigan.
  • To help yourself, as well as our caterers, you should have a budget in mind prior to planning your event’s menu.