Business Conferences

event management

Whether you are looking for a venue for your WordPress event or for a group of teachers to get together to learn about a new writing technique, Tuscany Hall is your venue of choice.  All business conferences are welcome to plan an event at our accessible location on Wackerly Road.  Call our event coordinator today and get started planning your business conference today!

event management
event management


There are several different types of business conference events that you can plan.  Some of your options are below. After or during your event, have your guests enjoy a lovely meal. Call us for pricing and details.

  • Seminars – these are meetings that are organized to inform a group of people about a specific topic or to teach a specific skill.  Expert speakers and teachers are invited to speak on topics such as personal finance, investing, real estate, web marketing and various others.
  • Workshops – workshop and seminar are oftentimes used interchangeably.  Both are education focused events, but workshops are usually a hands-on  and/or group activity events.
  • Conventions – this is a large gathering of people who have a shared interest (usually professional or fandom related).  These are usually recurring events that are scheduled at a specific time each year.  Conventions usually have keynote speakers as well as presentations for attendees regarding trends in their particular field of interest.
  • Conference – a conference and convention are terms that are oftentimes used interchangeably.  But, a conference is a meeting that is shorter than a convention and has a specific objective to achieve.